Rod Chappel Fossil Walrus Spike


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Knife Specifications: One Of A Kind Fossil Walrus Spike
Blade Length: 3.25″
Overall Length: 5.25″
Blade Type: Spike
Blade Composition: Fossil Walrus
Guard Composition: Fossil Walrus
Handle Material: Carved Fossil Walrus

Other Features: We wish to welcome the work of the late Rod Chappel to our gallery of handmade knives, with this exquisite collectors keepsake that is a one of a kind piece. It is a fossil walrus spike carved and sculpted entirely out of fossil walrus.  To start with, Mr. Chappel formed the handle to be extremely ergonomic.  It feels like it is a part of your hand when you grab hold of it. The curves of the handle and red accents are extremely pleasing to the hand and eye when examined.  Its smooth surface is both interesting and relaxing to enjoy.  The spike itself it extremely sharp and could also be used as either a eating utensil, or a backup to  your backup.  This piece was really made to commemorate Mr. Chappel’s lifetime of knifemaking.  It would make a terrific conversation piece, or display piece to highlight all of Mr. Chappel’s work in your collection.  What a beautiful addition to any collection for an extremely reasonable price.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 4 in


Knife Type

fixed blade

Main Blade Style




handle material

Walrus Ivory


walrus ivory

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