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Custom Pens

Pen Type:  Ball Point
Tip Retraction:  Rear Twist Mechanism
Overall Length: 7 1/2"
Barrel Material: Wooly Mammoth Bark or Mammoth Tooth
Embellishments:  Fancy Gold Spacers, Inlaid Jewel in Clip Tip, Gold Pen Tip
Storage: Leather Slip

Comments:  Custom Knife Gallery of Colorado is pleased to introduce these beautiful upscale ball  point pens with barrel and gold highlights.  The clip of each pen has an inlaid stone for additional beauty and the highlights really add to the beauty and classy look of these writing instruments.  For storage, each pen is accompanied by a cow hide slip to protect it from pocket wear, breakage, etc.  For a personal treat or a gift for that special person in your life, these pens are really great items at a very reasonable price.

Price: 250.00  (mammoth tooth only)

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