Sole Authorship Cutlery By

Alfred Pendray, M.S.

Knife Specifications: Walrus & Chevron Damascus / Wootz Kard
Blade Length: 12"
Overall Length: 17"
Blade Type: Fighter Style
Blade Composition: 400 Layers of 203E & 52100 Pattern Welded in Chevron with Alfred's own Patented Wootz Steel
Handle Material: Creamy Walrus
Bolster Composition: 400 Layers of 203E & 52100
Buttcap: Pendray Mokume composed of Nickel Silver, Copper & Brass
Additional Features:  Alfred Pendray is a name that is documented in knife history along with the likes of Bill Moran, M.S. and Bob Loveless as one of the original great makers.  As former President of the Knifemaker's Guild, Mr. Pendray made a great positive impact on the knifemaking community and is well known for his great craftsmanship.  This beautiful and one of a kind large Kard fixed blade is composed of both Alfred's own damascus that has been pattern welded to his wootz steel in a chevron configuration with full tang construction.  The handle material is very rare and expensive walrus with a creamy color and interesting charecter marks.  Holding the handle to the blade is a butt cap made from Alfred's own mokume composed in a waffle configuration of nickel silver, copper and brass.  To obtain such a striking collectors item under any other circumstances would be extremely difficult if not almost impossible considering the estimated 4+ year waiting list for this type of work.  The Custom Knife Gallery of Colorado is both honored and proud to have this beautiful pre-owned piece of knifemaking history available for the descriminating collector.
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