Sole Authorship Cutlery By

Ron Newton, M.S.

Knife Specifications: Sole Authorship Carved Titanium Art Knife
Blade Length: 2 5/8"
Overall Length: 6"
Blade Type: Clip Point
Blade Composition: Newton Random Pattern Damascus
Handle Material: Carved & Sculpted Rainbow Anodized Titanium
Bolster Composition: Carved, Sculpted Rainbow Anodized Titanium
Other Features: Here is a truly exquisite knife from one of the most well respected names in the knife business. This piece is a beautiful carved titanium folder with Ron's own damascus steel blade.  It has been executed exquisitely.  What a feast for the soul. The handle scales are beautiful and expertly rainbow anodized.  The carving work is just right and quite striking.  Ron also did terrific filework on both sides of the liners.   What an exquisite piece from a truly talented maker.  To find a piece like this available is definiately a rare opportunity.
Original Price: 1450.00       Final Reduction Price: 950.00

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