Handmade Cutlery

By Harald Moeller

Knife Specifications: Award Winning Fancy Folding Stiletto
Blade Length: 3.5"
Overall Length: 7.5"
Blade Type: Double Edge Dagger
Blade Composition: Heat Colored Damasteel Stainless Damascus
Bolster Composition: Eggerling Heat Colored Mosaic Damascus
Handle Material: Exhibition Grade Paua Shell & Buffalo Horn
Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock
Opening: Ruby Inlaid Gold Thumbstud

Other Features: This lovely folder, is a beautiful folding stiletto with fantastic design, marvelous materials and top shelf craftsmanship.  The handle scales are colorful and interesting abalone with high contrasting rich buffalo horn.  Each is sectioned and formed to match perfectly in form.  These scales display beautiful tints for green, red, pink, blue and black.  Complementing the color of the handle, the Robert Eggerling mosiac bolsters are expertly heat colored for rich tones of blue, pink and purple.  The damasteel damascus blade adds a bit of an earthy feel to the overall color scheme as well.  Harald further embellished this piece with beautiful filework on the anodized liners and a ruby inlayed thumbstud as well.  This exquisite piece also features great fit, finish, lockup, blade center and action.  The folks in Pasadena really loved it in 2006.  It won best folding knife of show in Pasadena for 2006.

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