Handmade Knives by

Tracy Mickley

Knife Specifications: "The Scrim Knife"
Blade Length: 4"
Overall Length: 9"
Blade Type: Wide Slow Drop Point
Blade Composition: Satin Finished RWl-34 Stainless
Guard Composition: Integral 416 Stainless Engraved by Joe Mason
Handle Material: Mastadon Scrimmed by Lori Ristinen
Other Features:  We wish to welcome Tracy Mickley to our gallery of fine handmade knives with this lovely collaboration between Mr. Mickley, Joe Mason (engraver) and Lori Ristinen (scrimshander).  This lovely piece features beautiful creamy scales expertly scrimmed by Lori Ristinen.  The scene represents a winter wilderness with a buck and a doe.  Both sides of the knife offer a different perspective on the scene, as if the viewer was standing on opposite sides of the scene when captured.  The stunning engraving is the handy work of Joe Mason and is inlayed with solid gold for additional dazzle that sets this piece "over the top".  This knife was featured in Blade Magazine (August 2006) as eye candy for a wonderfully written article about Mr. Mickley.  According to Mr. Mickley, this knife was two years in the making.  It is a masterpiece for sure and would make a wonderful addition to any knife collection.  Again, welcome Mr. Mickley and our hats off on this gorgeous collaboration.
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