Handmade Cutlery By Shawn McIntyre, M.S.

Knife Specifications:  "The Swinger"
Blade Length: 11"
Overall  Length: 17"
Blade Type: Fighter
Blade Composition: Hand Forged Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Exhibition Grade Curly Maple
Guard Composition: 416 Stainless Steel
Storage: Custom Made Sheath
Additional Information:  We wish to welcome Shawn McIntyre to our gallery of handmade knives with this beautiful large fighting knife, "The Swinger".  It features first rate materials all handmade with fantastic fit and finish.  The curly maple handle contrasts well with the stainless steel guard and and carbon steel blade,. The finish work is extremely clean, and exhumes quality.  This is our first piece by Mr. McIntyre.  And we are delighted to have it!!!  It has great balance, a swinger style sheath, great heft, and would be fantastic for just about any task, whether field or shop related.  Based on this wonderful piece it is easy to see why his work is always in great demand.  Only one of these pieces is available so don't miss out. 
Price: 1295.00

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