Handmade Knives Created By 

Ron Lake

Knife Specifications: Silver & Gold Bird & Trout
Blade Length: 3"
Overall Length: 6"
Blade Type: Drop Point
Blade Composition: Polished ATS-34
Bolster Composition: Polished Fine Silver
Handle Material: Exhibition Grade Cape Buffalo Horn
Hardware: Solid 18K Gold Pins and Solid Gold Plate
Special Features: Both an innovator and originator in the handmade knife business, Ron Lake is widely known for his numerous accomplishments.  Whether it is his innovative designs in the creation of the interframe folder or collaboration with production knife companies on current day pocket carry folders.  Ron Lakes name is well known by just about anyone remotely interested in handmade knives.  This piece is a very unique knife that is sole authored by Mr. Lake and incorporates only the best of materials including: solid silver bolsters and integral guard, exquisite "cream of the crop" cape buffalo horn scales and solid 18K gold pins.  This piece also incorporates a solid gold plate between the handle scales as well.  The execution of this piece as with all other Ron Lake knives is absolutely perfect.  The blade has also been expertly polished and the grinds are first rate.  What a lovely piece from a gentleman that is considered to be a considerable contributor to knifemaking history.
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