Handmade Knives By

D.F. Kressler

Knife Specifications: Engraved Long Hunter
Blade Length: 5"
Overall Length: 9 5/8"
Blade Type: Drop Point
Blade Composition: Satin Finished RWL-34
Bolster Composition: Engraved Nickel Silver
Handle Material: Presentation Grade Sambar Stag
Other Features: This wonderful reproduction of a classic Bob Loveless pattern is dripping with elegance and class.  This tastefully engraved piece is both a very nice collectors piece as well as a very useful tool.  The guard is proportionally accurate and the nickel silver pins with tasteful engraving add just the right amount of contrast to the robust sambar stag.  The tapered tang adds great sex appeal as well.  Both sides of the handle are both well matched and quite striking.  The handmade sheath is both stylish if not utilitarian in design.  It hugs the piece perfectly without scratching.  This lovely piece is a very nice representation of some of Dietmar's earlier work.  As you can see, it does not lack quality or attention to dteail. We were lucky enough to see it and sntach it up before some other knife lover gazed on its beauty.  Thank you Deitmar for such a lovely work of art.
Original Price: 2595.00   Final Reduction Price:  1695.00 

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