Handmade Knives By

The Late Jim Martin

Knife Specifications: Black Lip Pearl Engraved Sole Authorship Art Interframe
Blade Length: 2.75"
Overall Length: 6.25"
Blade Type: Trailing Point
Blade Composition: Hand  Finished ATS-34
Bolster Composition: Interframe of 416 Stainless Steel Engraved by Jim Martin
Handle Material: Exhibition Grade Black Lip Pearl
Opening:  Nail Nick
Other Features: The knife world lost a truly talented artist with the passing of knifemaking great Jim Martin.  This striking folder is a perfect example of his genious.  It features truly exquisite craftsmanship by Mr. Martin.  The interframe design is elegant and perfectly implemented.  The stainless steel of the interframe exploded as a canvas for for Mr. Martin's hammer and chisel work.  Jim incorporated beautiful deep relief arabesque scroll engraving and dark backing to form a strikingly lovely embellishment.  What a fantastic work of engraving art which adds greatly to this  terrific knife. The black lip pearl inlays are radiant and irridescent in color and display striking contrast with perfectly polished steel. The pearl flashes beautiful hues of green red, pink, purple and beige as a natural canvas and embellishment as the costarring attraction on this lovely piece.  The razor sharp, hand finished ATS-34 blade is clean, has a terrific crisp shape and opens/closes with great precision.  This knife would make a terrific centerpiece for any serious collection It is a true sole authorship and we are very pleased to offer it to you our client.
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