Handmade Knives By

Billy Mace Imel

Knife Specifications: Black Lip Pearl Integral Dagger Interframe
Blade Length: 4.75"
Overall Length: 8 5/8"
Blade Type:  Dagger
Blade Composition: ATS-34
Handle Material: Exhibition Grade Black Lip Pearl
Special Features: This gorgeous integral interframe dagger features black lip pearl inlays of the quality that you no longer see.  This is the best of the best..  The integral construction is absolutely perfect. The dagger grind has exacting machine work and terrific depth.  The brushed satin finish is without imperfection.  For a knife of this design, one would think it to weigh much more then it feels in the hand.  This piece is an exhibit of old world craftsmanship in a beautiful and artistic package.  For all dagger lovers that love integral construction and killer pearl, this piece will definately scratch that itch.
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