Handmade Knives Created By 

C. Gray Taylor

Knife Specifications: Black Lip Pearl Four Blade Orange Blossom Pattern
Blade Length: 2.25, 2.25", 1.5", 1.5"
Closed Length: 3 1/8"
Blade Type: Spear Point Blade, Coping Blade, Pen Blade, Finger Nail File
Blade Composition: ATS-34
Bolster Composition: 416 Stainless
Handle Material: Exhibition Grade Black Lip Pearl
Locking Mechanism:  Slip Joint
Opening: Nail Nick
Special Features: Gray Taylor does an amazing job at creating gents pocket knives with fantastic craftsmanship, beautiful handle material and great action.  This beautiful piece is no exception. Gray started with stunning black lip pearl scales, and mirror polished steel to form this terrific 4 blade lobster pattern.  The scales are held together with sold 18K gold pins.  Eight of them to be exact.  Each side of the knife also features a solid 18K gold shield.  The liners are intricately fileworked stainless steel.  The knife also features a hidden back-spring, and a terrific stainless finger nail file.  The spearpoint main blade, pen blade and coping blade are all razor sharp.  This is one of Gray's best offerings with exquisite fit, finish, blade spring and true artistic beauty.  You can count the number of knives this maker produces a year on one hand.  Thus we are very pleased to have this strikingly beautiful and very rare piece available.
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