Handmade Knives By

Kelly Carlson

Knife Specifications: Dual Pearl Wharncliffe Dolphin Art Knife
Blade Length: 2.75"
Closed Length: 6 3/8"
Blade Type: Wharncliffe
Blade Composition: Mosaic Damascus
Bolster Composition: Presentation Grade Black Lip Pearl
Handle Material: Presentation Grade Gold Lip Pearl
Opening:  Solid Gold Pins
Other Features: The knife world lost an excellent knifemaker when Kelly Carlson passed away.  But, his work lives on as his legecy. This gorgeous dual pearl wharncliffe art knife is a perfect example of his great gift.  This beautiful piece features absolutely lucious gold lip pearl scales and black lip pearl bolsters. Both bolsters and handle material are attached using anodized surgical titanium.  The blade steel is high polished mosaic damascus, a great choice for this implementation.  This piece also features solid gold spacers between the gold and black lip pearl, nicely anodized and expertly fileworked titanium liners and fileworked damascus backspacer.  This piece also features excellent fit, finish, lockup and the blade is nicely centered within the handle.  Action on this lovely knife is very smooth and the blade can be deployed by either toggling the blade spine open, or by using the three solid gold pins near near the bolsters.  Beautiful knife by a terrific maker that will be remembered by the knife world as a great contributor to the craft.
Price: 1195.00 (sold)
Availability: sold

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