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Sole Authorship Knives

By Ed Caffrey, M.S.

Knife Specifications: Stippled Mosaic "Sonue" Linerlock Art Folder
Blade Length: 3.25"
Overall Length: 7.5"
Blade Type: Drop Point
Blade Composition: Ed Caffrey Mosaic Damascus / 416 Stainless Laminate
Handle Material: Ed Caffrey Mosaic Damascus / 416 Stainless Laminate
Opening Mechanism: Anodized Titanium Dual Thumbstuds
Other Features: Direct from the 2011 Blade Show, from the table of Ed Caffrey, M.S. comes this terrific damascus art folder.  This knife is a do all cut anything tool that is as at home in a display case as it is in the field.  The damascus blade is very unique combination of Ed's own mosaic laminated to 416 stainless steel.   The blade is quite sharp and usable.  You can feel that edge and know with confidence that it will make short work of anything that it comes in contact with.  The handle scales are the same beautiful laminated damascus and 416 stainless stippled for great grip and attached to the frame with 18K gold plated screws.  To lock the blade in place, Ed employed anodized titanium liners for light weight and brute strength.  The dual thumb studs are also anodized titanium which provides a nice symetrical look as well.  Whether you are right handed or a south paw, this folder will work for you.  This beautiful piece features Ed's well known, quality for fit, finish, blade smoothness and reliability. Mr. Caffrey has a well earned reputation for not just producing quality, but creating some unique works of cutlery art as well as teaching and communicating his mastery of both knifemaking and metallurgy.  What a wonderful piece from a very talented and respected Mastersmith.  Thank you Ed.
Price: 1895.00

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Knife Specifications: Sole Authorship Ambidextrous Fancy Windowframe
Blade Length: 3.5"
Overall Length: 7 3/8"
Blade Type: Wharncliffe
Blade Composition: Ed Caffrey Mosaic Damascus
Bolster Composition: Heat Colored & Carved Titanium
Handle Material: Heat Colored & Carved Titanium with Pearl Inlay
Opening:  Anodized Dual Titanium Thumbstuds
Other Features: Ed Caffrey has earned a reputation as a very talented Mastersmith.  His folders and bowies have won countless awards at knife shows and his work is in great demand.  This beautiful folder would be right at home either in your pocket as an every day carry, or in your knife collection for you to admire and enjoy when you so desire.  It features a strikingly colorful carved titanium handle featuring every color in the rainbow.  Wow is that striking !!!!  It also features a radial mosaic pattern damascus by Ed Caffrey. The backspacer and liners are also titanium which are carved and extremely colorful.  The dual thumbstuds are both titanium balls which also are quite unique.  This knife also features superb fit, finish, smooth action and great lockup.  What a magnificent work of knife art at a very reasonable price!
Price: 1495.00

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