Handmade Knives By

Bob Levine

Knife Specifications:  "Killer Whale" Fighter
Blade Length: 6"
Overall Length: 11"
Blade Type: Trailing Point
Blade Composition: Mirror Polished 440C Stainless Steel / RC 58.6
Guard Composition: Virgin Brass
Handle Material: Presentation Grade Sperm Whale Tooth
Sheath: NA

Other Features: We wish to welcome Bob Levine to our gallery of fine knives with this extraordinary example of a freeform styled fighter.  The blade steel is 440C that is heat treated to RC 58.6.  The guard is virgin brass, all hardware is totally hidden, and the handle is whale tooth.  To add a fitting artistic touch to this lovely piece, the handle has been scrimmed by David Smith, a well known scrimshander.  Each side has an image of a killer whale.  One side is surrealistic, the other is a Myan representation.  All in all, a lovely piece, and a great collector with some utility.

Original Price: sold
Availability: sold

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